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How to inspect inkjet film

Appearance inspection.  The visual inspection should qualitatively check the markings, appearance, process quality, and graphics of inkjet film. Visual inspection should be carried out with the naked eye (standard vision, normal color perception) at the most favorable viewing distance and under suitable lighting, without magnification. Qualified negatives should be finely processed and handled, with a flat appearance, free of creases, breaks, and scratches, and clean, free of dust and fingerprints.

Details and details of the site inspection. Detail inspection is generally used when the line is put about 10 times or more than 100 times, with a measurement scale and can be read by a special optical instrument to check whether there are wire defects (such as pinholes and edge notches, etc.) and whether there are dirty spots between the wires, and the measurement error of the instrument should not be greater than 5%, in the inspection of the size of the distance greater than 25mm, you can use the grid glass plate with a precision scale.

inkjet film

The optical density of the test. Optical density refers to the transmitted light density, the test can be used to measure the transparent part and opaque part of the ordinary optical density meter, the measurement area of 1mm diameter. Requirements are not high when the visual comparison method can be used to test the transparent and opaque parts of the test and a standard gray copy of the base plate or gray calibration copy of the base plate for comparison.

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