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diazo photo emulsion remover in the use of the process of mesh distance control

 diazo photo emulsion remover in the use of the process of mesh distance control

Flatbed printer in the use of a period of time or after a long period of time without use, because of static electricity, there will be print breakpoints, broken lines, unclear and other failures, it is necessary to use the method of cleaning the print head to solve the flatbed printer diazo emulsion.

Therefore, the correct choice of diazo emulsion and the correct maintenance of the nozzle, is every UV flatbed printer user in the use of the problem can not be ignored, so choose a good diazo emulsion is the most important choice to maintain the printhead.

Normally, the quality of diazo emulsion can determine the quality of the printed image, but also determine the life of the nozzle.

It is important to know that the manufacturing of UV flatbed printer diazo emulsion is very complicated, the choice of both fast-drying and slow-drying type is very important.

The next is to do a good job of equipment and nozzle maintenance: nozzle is most likely to print for too long, diazo emulsion improperly used, or set aside for a long time without clogging the spray hole.

The printhead manufacturing process is fine, but its structure is not complex, and direct contact with the print media on the plane of dissatisfaction with many tiny round holes, spray holes and inserted into the cartridge nozzles are connected, from the nozzle to the spray hole between and around the spray hole often stagnant adhesion of very strong toner or impurities, as long as the removal of this toner and impurities, the printhead will be able to restore normal printing function.

For a long time to stop using the UV flatbed printer, it is best to UV flatbed printer the entire ink supply system with cleaning solution placed after cleaning, to avoid clogging the nozzle hole.

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For most of the seeming end-of-life printheads, only the spray hole is blocked and can not work, just a simple flush to restore its printing function. For printing normal, but the lack of strokes or color, or high resolution under the image blurred this minor clogging situation, the general use of UV flatbed printer comes with the spray hole cleaning program can be solved.

However, it should be noted that once the lack of strokes or color is poor and another minor clogging of the spray hole, you should use the cleaning program to clean early.

For the printing process, the machine frequently filled with ink or cleaning spray hole, but the printing effect is still poor or nozzle serious clogging, the machine can not fill the ink, or UV flatbed printer refuses to work can only use manual cleaning methods.

The manual cleaning method is not complicated, but because of the need to disassemble the nozzle, the number of cleaning should not be too frequent.

The manual cleaning method is to use a syringe and can be set in the needle on a rubber tube, cleaning fluid, about ten times the magnifying glass, hard plastic knife, and other tools.

After removing the nozzle, use the magnifying glass to carefully find the nozzle of the blocked nozzle, and then use the syringe to inject the cleaning solution into the nozzle hole, if necessary, a hard plastic knife can be used to scrape the residue on the side of the nozzle hole, and use it with care not to contaminate the electrode part.

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