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​How to manage photo emulsion for screen printing companies

  Each printing company needs to purchase photo emulsions with their own characteristics. First of all, the test of different brands of photo emulsion; the company has selected the general

After selecting the general type of photo emulsion, the company can purchase and test a small amount of photo emulsion of different brands of this type. For the same job

For the same job, in the case of the same amount of ink, printing speed, printing quantity, the common types of paper (such as coated paper, offset paper, etc.) with the same

For the same job, several common types of paper (e.g. coated paper, offset paper, etc.) were tested with the same set of printing plates and different brands of photo emulsion.

 After the test, the contrast, density, saturation, and drying speed of different brands of photo emulsion were compared.

After the test, the contrast, density, saturation and drying speed, and other properties of different brands of photo emulsion are compared, combined with the expressiveness of different types of materials, integrated with the characteristics of the enterprise itself, to select a suitable brand photo emulsion.

  Secondly, the selected photo emulsion for a post-tracking survey, after the test can be selected brand photo emulsion for bulk purchase.

In the post-use process should be photo emulsion printing characteristics to make a detailed record, timely collection of printing presses on the photo emulsion

The use of photo emulsion, encounter photo emulsion failure, should promptly analyze the causes and contact with photo emulsion suppliers, if necessary, replace the different types or different brands of photo emulsion

If necessary, replace the photo emulsion with a different type or a different brand to adapt to the production requirements of the printing company.

      Screen printing company photo emulsion procurement considerations; for printing enterprises, photo emulsion is a vital raw and auxiliary materials, and

How to purchase photo emulsion is also a learning curve. photo emulsion procurement may seem simple, but if you do not master the characteristics of printing, do not understand the printing

If you do not understand the characteristics of printing, do not understand the process of printing, it will bring huge economic losses and a negative impact on the printing enterprise.

   First of all, pay attention to whether the type of photo emulsion is correct, whether the packaging is sealed, and whether it is approaching its shelf life or has expired.

photo emulsion

   Secondly, the purchased photo emulsion should be placed according to the requirements, avoiding sideways or overturned placement. Once placed at an angle, the ink

the ink inside the cartridge is tilted for a long time, it will easily flow out when opened, thus causing waste.

  The purchased photo emulsions should be put in different categories according to different types, and the photo emulsions that have expired and the photo emulsions that are used in smaller quantities should be replaced and adjusted in time.

Timely replacement and adjustment of the purchase volume, so as not to produce large economic losses.

  In short, printing enterprises should combine their own printing workpiece type and characteristics to choose the appropriate photo emulsion. Only pay attention to photo emulsion

selection and procurement, in order to adapt to the production requirements of different types of work, in order to maximize the color of printed products to show

To customers, to win the praise of customers, to improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

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