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Photo emulsion removal method and precautions

Generally, after printing a batch of work, we have to remove the photo emulsion from the screen printing plate. If the cleaning is not timely, it will affect the next use of the screen, so the correct and timely cleaning is very important to extend the life of the screen. The following is an introduction to the screen cleaning process and precautions.

  1. Use a pressure washer to clean off the ink on the screen.

  2、Prepare a cleaning solution with an equal proportion of household bleach and water.

    3. Pour the prepared cleaning solution on the screen surface.

  4. gently scrub the screen with a steel brush, generally scrub for about 5 minutes.

        5. scrubbing the screen anyway.

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  6. wash with water, repeat the cleaning until the screen photo emulsion all clean.
    7. Place the screen in a window or bright light, and observe the screen from different angles. If you observe that the area is not clean to repeat the cleaning, until in all angles of observation are no photo emulsion present.
    8. Dry the screen in the air and store it.

In the process of cleaning, the following points should be noted.

  1. in the absence of a pressure washer, the cleaning time should be longer.
    2, cleaning can use the professional cleaning agent in the mall, such as CPS screen cleaner, but in comparison, bleach is also very good, and very cheap.

  3. Because photo emulsion is toxic and bleach is corrosive, it is important to remember to wear rubber gloves and goggles when operating.

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