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What are the main characteristics of screen printing?

The characteristics of screen printing are summarized in the following areas.
    ①Screen printing can use a variety of types of ink. That is an oil-based, water-based, diazo emulsion, powder, and other types of ink.
    ② soft layout. Screen printing layout is soft and has a certain degree of flexibility is not only suitable for printing on soft items such as paper and fabric but also suitable for printing on hard items, such as glass, ceramics, etc.
    ③Silkscreen printing with low embossing force. Since the pressure used in printing is small, it is also suitable for printing on fragile shopping bodies.
    ④ screen printing ink remover layer is thick and has strong coverage.
    ⑤ not subject to the limitations of the shape of the surface of the substrate and the size of the area. As can be seen from the foregoing, screen printing can not only be printed on a flat surface, but also on curved surfaces or spherical surfaces; it is not only suitable for printing on small objects, but also suitable for printing on larger objects. This printing method has great flexibility and wide applicability.

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